Client testimonials

“I met Ita at a BNI Network some time ago but was then reconnected to Sitka via Caryl Thomas, whom I also know through BNI.  I chose to work with them because they took time to really understand what I was looking for in the finance Manager role.  I felt as if they genuinely wanted to find me the right person and weren’t just going through the motions to fill the vacancy and get their money.”

“It was a pleasure from start to finish.  Again, they really listened to me and asked lots of questions about why we wanted the role we did, we even changed the job title and revised some of the key objectives so it would appeal to the type of candidate we needed.  They wanted to know about the organisation, our culture, our plans and aspirations.  This meant they could be really confident talking about us and I’d like to think they were proud to be working on our behalf. I can’t fault them.”

“I didn’t at any time feel like I was being sold to.  Both Karen and Ita are incredibly proud of and fully believe in their product and live their values.  I felt like I was their only customer because they made me feel like I was a priority.  Within weeks of our new appointment starting she was involved in a serious road traffic accident which involved life threatening injuries.  Karen was incredibly supportive throughout that really difficult period and was very sensitive to our situation.  I am delighted to say that she is now fully settled in, it feels like she has been here for years and is doing a fantastic job for us.”

Rachel Rowlands – Age Connects Morgannwg

"I had worked with both Ita and Karen previously, and had heard about their excellent reputation for service and results through my professional network."

"The recruitment process was a retained service combining advertising, search and selection.  After a thorough briefing on the role, a timetable was set around the needs of our business.  In addition to the frequent liaison with myself, Sitka worked with both our HR and Marketing teams to create a candidate briefing pack, and immediately began contacting candidates.  Every aspect of the recruitment was thoroughly managed, and I was given a verbal or written report on progress each week."

"All candidates were interviewed, and reports were presented before their first interview with myself, which helped to facilitate a robust selection process.  Ita was on hand at every stage to share insight from her knowledge of the candidates to support the decision-making process."

"The final interviews were well organised, and candidates were all thoroughly prepared.  The successful candidate was offered the position and Sitka provided structured feedback to the candidates who were not selected."

"The best thing about the experience, was the total confidence I was given at every stage that the recruitment was being professionally managed.  The level of service received was exceptional."

"There was nothing that could have gone better - it was as near perfect as a recruitment process as I have experienced!"

"I had confidence that our role and organisation were being professionally and accurately represented, and I was confident that candidates were being communicated with appropriately throughout their application."

Mary Kent - Cardiff & Vale College

"Sitka took the time to ‘deep dive’ all of the information pertinent to the role and the person specification. Visiting the offices to gain real insight into the culture and working environment. The resultant process was incredibly efficient. The sifting was so well organised, that a single round of interviews was sufficient to finalise the process."

"All candidates put forward for interview met both the role and person requirements. The only tough part of the process was deciding which of the 3 capable candidates to hire."

Gareth Way - Creditsafe

"We chose to work with Sitka after having a personal recommendation from Tyrone Davies followed by an informal meeting with both Ita and Karen.  Over coffee I found them both very personable, experienced and knowledgeable.  I had been disappointed with previous recruitment processes where I felt that not much thought was given to the candidates passed to us so I ended up meeting candidates who were not appropriate.  Sitka promised to make the process more personal and they spent a lot of time understanding our needs and culture."

"The recruitment process went very smoothly and we were kept informed of progress regularly.  Any candidate they weren’t sure of was discussed and they took all of our feedback on-board.  We have recruited two excellent candidates from the process."

"We definitely feel Sitka’s values are reflected in Ita and Karen as well as the service they deliver and would recommend them."

Carys Hughes - Creditsafe


‘I was introduced to Sitka via a colleague who had met Ita through a Tenovus event.  We were considering recruiting our first HR professional and everyone in my recruitment consultant network deals with the recruitment of lawyers so I didn’t have any contacts who specialise in HR personnel.’

‘I would say that the best thing about the recruitment process was that Karen and Ita took the time to listen to what I wanted (and just as importantly didn’t want).  They seemed to immediately “get” our business and what we were trying to achieve with the appointment.’

‘Karen was lead consultant and it all went remarkably smoothly as she had two candidates in mind after she had spoken to me and I met both of them before offering one of them the job.  Initially I preferred the other candidate on paper as that candidate’s CV seemed to match our brief much more than the candidate we ended up employing.  However, Karen had completely understood what we needed and persuaded me to look again at the other candidate.  Sometimes in recruitment it is a case of being able to look behind the written CV and Karen was able to pull out experience that I had overlooked so that we were able to recruit the right person for us.’

'I would recommend Sitka to my business network.'

Rachelle Sellek - Acuity Legal


"The Board at Tŷ Hafan appreciated Sitka’s candour, it was felt that they weren’t selling a candidate, but a person. The recruitment process was tailored to the requirements and complexities of the role. Sitka were keen to gain as in-depth an understanding of the technical and personal aspects of the vacancy as possible, so as not to waste time or resources by putting forwards unsuitable candidates."

"They added tremendous value to the process, in fact, they have been instrumental in the recruitment of a significant component of the non-clinician Tŷ Hafan executives."

"Sitka put thought into which candidate was the best fit for the organisation. In no way did it feel like they were trying to fill a slot. I feel that Sitka are ideally positioned to offer the bespoke, personalised service which can be missing within the wider recruitment market."

Rob Jones - Tŷ Hafan


"I chose to work with Sitka as I had previously dealt with Karen and because of her honest and up front approach to recruitment."

"Karen understood the requirements of the role and short-listed candidates who were very strong and fitted the bill. I didn’t have to look through endless CVs, but was presented with only three, all of which could have been successful in the role. The successful candidate is performing well."

"Karen went above and beyond in helping source three very strong potential candidates and communicated clearly with myself and them.  I would definitely recommend Sitka to my business network."

Robert Barclay - Renold Power Transmission Ltd (Renold Plc)


"Following an informal conversation with Karen, I felt an immediate connection and was encouraged by the Sitka business model for traditional recruitment, rather than a target driven approach. When we had a senior vacancy within the organisation, we were looking for a recruitment agency that could offer something more than agencies we had used in the past, as we knew our role would be a difficult role to fill and would require some degree of head hunting.

"As the role closely matched Sitka’s specialism, I contacted Karen and she and Ita were invited to meet with myself and the Sales Director, in competition with another agency. Sitka were chosen as our preferred supplier based on their enthusiasm and the time they were able to commit to filling our vacancy.

"An impressive job specification was produced by Ita and Karen following our conversations, and throughout the process they kept us informed on progress made and the whole process felt like a true partnership. Their positivity and flexibility when we changed the timescales at short notice was amazing.

"All candidates had a full competency based interview and the candidate briefs that we received along with CVs for short listed candidates were very detailed, which meant that we were well prepared for each interview.

"Each candidate came to the interview with a great understanding of our business and had prepared thoroughly, particularly at the second stage interviews. Both the candidate and myself were well supported by Sitka throughout the process and I would certainly recommend them to others."

Liza Carr - KPMF


"We were really struggling to find a suitable individual for an admittedly hard to fill role, which other agencies simply weren’t interested in.  They were very easy to work with, chased us on all our deadlines, and found a great person who now has a permanent fulltime position with us."  

Universities Wales


"In one-word, Sitka are personal. We felt that Karen & Ita really took the time to understand our company culture and what we were looking for in terms of the right fit for the business, we had several conversations and meetings before even meeting the final selection of candidates. Their communication was second to none."

"Each of the candidates we met offered something slightly different to the next and all came with a good level of experience in terms of fitting the criteria for the role."

"Sitka offered a more thorough, personal and detailed search for candidates than we have experienced with any other recruitment agencies we have used previously."

"Yes, I would recommend Sitka to my business network."

Anthony David - Something Different Wholesale

Candidate testimonials

"Having identified the role to my skill set, Sitka managed the registration of interest very well. Having the opportunity to meet in person with Ita gave me the ability to walk through my relevant experience and to ask questions around the role itself."

"Committing to the process was easy because the role was very clearly defined. I especially welcomed the feedback from Ita in relation to my suitability and strengths in terms of the role profile, giving added confidence during the process."

"I can confidently say that I witnessed how Sitka demonstrate their values during each stage of the process. The service remained highly confidential at all times and that was an integral part for me as I was in a high-profile role at the time. I felt safe in the knowledge that Ita would maintain her upmost high standard of working throughout the process, giving me the trust that she had my best interests at heart every step of the way."

"Being an ex-recruiter, satisfaction for me in other recruiters is hard to find. The process that I went through to secure the role of Director of Business Development was thorough, it pushed me to my limits and it made me feel like I had earnt the role when I was finally successful. Ita was instrumental in maintaining that feeling of determination – because she kept me focused all through the process via communication and updates when appropriate. "

"I would suggest that Sitka need to shout louder about the roles that they have on offer. For a relatively new organisation, Sitka are representing some of the best companies Wales has to offer."

"Thank you for changing my life and giving me yet another opportunity to make a difference in Wales."

Siwan Rees

"Extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly is what comes to mind when thinking of Sitka Recruitment. I had the pleasure of working with both Ita and Karen at various points in the process and had nothing but a pleasurable, memorable and efficient experience. "

"I was kept fully informed throughout each stage of the interview process and the amount of support and correspondence I had from Sitka was exceptional. Sitka most certainly live up to their values and this most definitely reflects."

"Without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend Sitka to any friend or colleague looking for a new challenge. I have been given an amazing opportunity to work for a well-established, respectable brand and all thanks to Sitka for the faith and hard work they put into supporting me reach my dream role!"

"Sitka, I feel put their heart and soul into helping job seekers as well as their own clients succeed, and I have had nothing, but an outstanding service form them."

"Please share this testimonial and I hope this helps other job seekers and clients in the future see how exceptional you are as a business and the benefits of choosing Sitka Recruitment because I most certainly have!"

"I feel it’s necessary to give you a huge thank you once again for all the faith you had (and still have) in me and I am eternally grateful for your guidance, support and advice throughout the process. Without a doubt I will recommend you and again, cannot thank you enough."

Tasmin Pickford

"My experience working with Sitka stands heads and shoulders above any recruitment agency I have ever worked with. They were always punctual, informative and their wealth of experience was obvious in that the whole process from application to placement was managed to perfection. Sitka truly invested in me as a candidate and took the time to ensure that the company and I would be a good match for one another, when other recruiters had simply dismissed me. Their support, honesty and trust have brought me to a job which was far above my expectations, and in that they have changed my life."

"Sitka are as authentic as they are enthusiastic about placing great people with good companies. Without the investment from Sitka I wouldn’t have managed to be in the amazing role that I find myself in."

"I genuinely can’t think of negative feedback or anything Sitka could refine. Their experience speaks volumes."

"They’re certainly the top recruitment agency that I have come across!"

Megan Swan

"I had a fantastic experience with Sitka. From first contact I was looked after from sending my CV in to attending my interview. Ita was helpful and informative and put me at ease throughout the whole process. Had it not been for their help I would not have found the position I am currently in which I am thoroughly enjoying."

"Sitka was the only recruitment agency I encountered during my job hunt that I didn’t find completely overbearing. Their integrity was clear throughout the process and not once did I feel pressured by their agents. The service I received was always in my best interest which was a huge contrast to other companies I experienced."

"I would most certainly recommend Sitka to anyone looking for a new job. They work tirelessly to find a job that suits you both in role and company culture."

"I was happy with all the service I received. I found them incredibly supportive throughout my job hunt."

Aimee Flanagan


"Having dealt with a number of recruiters throughout my career I can safely say working with both Karen and Ita has been my best experience to date. They take a genuine interest in you as a person and really try to understand where you want your career to be heading.. Rather than bombard you with roles they take their time to seek out opportunities that will actually be a good fit for you. For the first time I felt a recruiter was actually working for me not just for themselves/the employer."

"It is clear from my experience that they are true to their values, their commitment and excellence in this field was obvious from the first communications through to this day."

"It was a pleasure to work with you both and I would definitely recommend to others. I genuinely can't think of anything I would change about their approach, keep doing what you are doing and thanks again."

Ben Newton


"My Sitka experience was a brilliant one right from the start, from when I first spoke to Karen through to accepting the offer. I rang about a job vacancy and straight away Karen wanted to meet me as she said I was the perfect candidate for a position she was recruiting for. She arranged a meeting the next day and actually came to my office to meet me which I thought was great. I felt at ease when meeting Karen and knew she would do her best in putting me forward for the position. She kept in touch with me through the whole recruitment process."

"Nothing was too much trouble for her, even when I rang every day to find out if a decision had been made after the interview! Karen was very honest and very committed to finding me the perfect job and I would 100% recommend Sitka. Sitka were the only recruitment agency I went to that actually did their best to find me a job and really cared about finding me one, not just putting me forward for anything to get the commission!! There is nothing Sitka could have done differently; my whole experience was excellent."

Kirsty Selby


"Sitka is the most professional agency I have encountered in twenty-five years and across six sectors. They are genuinely committed to putting the right person in the right place and getting the best cultural fit. They do what they say they will and are excellent at painting an accurate picture of the role. Karen is a wonderfully positive, engaging person and a pleasure to do business with."

Louise Jones


"My experience of working with Sitka was an excellent one.  I’ve had a lot of experience with recruitment agencies as an employer and a little as a candidate, and I can honestly say there is no one else I’ve come across that are even a patch on Sitka.  I felt, as a candidate, that they really knew me and straight away understood what made me tick and what I was looking for in a new employer. Sitka’s values of integrity, commitment and excellence are a true reflection on how they work; they kept in touch with me throughout the process and seemed genuinely interested in finding me the right position.  When decision time came to leave a job I’d loved for many years, I was just encouraged to do what was best for me and only go for the role if I was sure I wanted it."

Sian Furreedan


"Candidates will often have conversations with numerous recruiters, and as you listen to the sales spiel for a role you’ve already said no to twice, you get that distinct impression that you’re nothing but a target! However, all is not lost in the world of recruitment because along comes Sitka who lead the way in how to deliver a first-class service."

"Professional from the outset; I knew that the Sitka team meant business with their immediate focus on ascertaining my ambitions and aspirations whilst demonstrating a real comprehension for the charity sector and the needs of their client. Through a robust engagement process, their due diligence was evident and when matched with their attention to detail, it provided me with immediate assurances that I was in safe hands. "

"There was no ambiguity at any stage because Sitka’s communications were excellent – the next steps were always clarified and you would always receive updates when expected.  I valued their friendly yet straight-talking approach and it was their honest feedback that was indispensable and enabled me to succeed in landing my dream job. Thank you very much Ita and Karen!"

"I had absolute trust in the Sitka team who worked tirelessly throughout the process to deliver the best outcomes for both myself and the client."

"I would definitely recommend Sitka to people I know. The recruitment process is such an important reflection of an organisation – often the first impression with a prospective employee. From this perspective, I certainly felt more confident in starting with my new employer as a result of the professionalism and throughout the process. This leaves me in no doubt that I would turn to Sitka for the recruitment needs I may find in my new role, as well as when the time comes for a new opportunity."

Claire Cooper


"I felt the process I went through to get the Creditsafe job was very smooth. The role I was applying for was for a newly created role and therefore the expectations and the fit were important considerations. After speaking extensively with Ita it became clear my experiences and skill set would be a good match and I went through a two-stage interview process. Throughout Ita stayed in contact to glean feedback and answer questions I had."

"I do think Sitka’s values of integrity, commitment and excellence were reflected throughout the process. From my initial conversations with Ita she was very clear that she wouldn’t put me forward until we had a detailed conversation about my CV, and the scope and shape of the role. I believe what this meant is that both myself and Creditsafe were aligned from the first stage of the interview process which meant no wasted time for either party. I genuinely believe that if Ita felt I couldn’t have done the role she wouldn’t have put me forward."

"I would recommend Sitka to people I know."

Jamie Seekings


"I had the pleasure of working with Karen Birch, who recently secured a role for me. I found her to be highly professional, very knowledgeable about the current jobs market and committed to securing a role for me that best fitted with my career aspirations. Karen invested the time and effort to help me secure a job that was right for me. I valued Sitka’s honest and straight-forward approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sitka to friends and colleagues. They provided expert service, without the sales approach, and were invested in matching my skillset to the right role."

James Bouza