What our candidates say

"Being an ex-recruiter, satisfaction for me in other recruiters is hard to find. The process that I went through to secure the role of Director of Business Development was thorough. It pushed me to my limits and it made me feel like I had earnt the role when I was finally successful.

"The service remained highly confidential at all times and that was an integral part for me as I was in a high-profile role at the time. I felt safe in the knowledge that Ita would maintain her upmost high standard of working throughout the process, giving me the trust that she had my best interests at heart.

"Thank you for changing my life and giving me yet another opportunity to make a difference in Wales."

"Without a shadow of a doubt, I would recommend Sitka to any friend or colleague looking for a new challenge.

"I have been given an amazing opportunity to work for a well-established, respectable brand and all thanks to Sitka for the faith and hard work they put into supporting me reach my dream role!

"Sitka, I feel, put their heart and soul into helping job seekers as well as their own clients succeed, and I have had nothing, but an outstanding service from them.

"Please share this testimonial and I hope this helps other job seekers and clients in the future see how exceptional you are as a business and the benefits of choosing Sitka Recruitment because I most certainly have!"

"All is not lost in the world of recruitment because along comes Sitka who lead the way in how to deliver a first-class service. Professional from the outset, I knew that the Sitka team meant business with their immediate focus on ascertaining my ambitions and aspirations whilst demonstrating a real comprehension for the charity sector and the needs of their client. 

"There was no ambiguity at any stage because Sitka’s communications were excellent.  I valued their friendly yet straight-talking approach and it was their honest feedback that  enabled me to succeed in landing my dream job. 

"I would definitely recommend Sitka to people I know. The recruitment process is such an important reflection of an organisation – often the first impression with a prospective employee. From this perspective, I certainly felt more confident in starting with my new employer as a result of the professionalism throughout the process."

"I had a fantastic experience with Sitka. Had it not been for their help I would not have found the position I am currently in which I am thoroughly enjoying.

"Sitka was the only recruitment agency I encountered during my job hunt that I didn’t find completely overbearing. Their integrity was clear throughout the process and not once did I feel pressured by their agents.

"The service I received was always in my best interest, which was a huge contrast to other companies I experienced.

"I would most certainly recommend Sitka to anyone looking for a new job. They work tirelessly to find a job that suits you both in role and company culture."

"Having dealt with a number of recruiters throughout my career I can safely say working with both Karen and Ita has been my best experience to date. They take a genuine interest in you as a person and really try to understand where you want your career to be heading.

"Rather than bombard you with roles, they take their time to seek out opportunities that will actually be a good fit for you. For the first time I felt a recruiter was actually working for me not just for themselves/the employer.

"It was a pleasure to work with you both and I would definitely recommend to others. I genuinely can't think of anything I would change about their approach, keep doing what you are doing and thanks again."

"My Sitka experience was a brilliant one right from the start. I rang about a job vacancy and straight away Karen wanted to meet me as she said I was a perfect candidate for a position she was recruiting for. She arranged a meeting the next day and actually came to my office to meet me which I thought was great. I felt at ease when meeting Karen and knew she would do her best in putting me forward for the position. She kept in touch with me through the whole recruitment process.

"Sitka were the only recruitment agency I went to that actually did their best to find me a job and really cared about finding me one, not just putting me forward for anything to get the commission!! There is nothing Sitka could have done differently; my whole experience was excellent."

"Sitka is the most professional agency I have encountered in twenty-five years and across six sectors.

"They are genuinely committed to putting the right person in the right place and getting the best cultural fit.

"They do what they say they will and are excellent at painting an accurate picture of the role.

"Karen is a wonderfully positive, engaging person and a pleasure to do business with."

"The process I went through to get the Creditsafe job was very smooth. The role I was applying for was for a newly created role and therefore the expectations and the fit were important considerations. After speaking extensively with Ita it became clear my experiences and skill set would be a good match and I went through a two-stage interview process. Throughout Ita stayed in contact to glean feedback and answer questions I had.

"I genuinely believe that if Ita felt I couldn’t have done the role she wouldn’t have put me forward.

"I would recommend Sitka to people I know."

"My experience of working with Sitka was very professional from start to finish. In particular, I was impressed by the personal touch, being contacted before and after the interview process even if just to say ‘good luck’.

"I would definitely recommend Sitka to friends and colleagues and I look forward to working with Sitka on future recruitment needs. "

"My experience of working with Sitka was an excellent one. 

"I’ve had a lot of experience with recruitment agencies as an employer and a little as a candidate, and I can honestly say there is no one else I’ve come across that are even a patch on Sitka. 

"I felt, as a candidate, that they really knew me and straight away understood what made me tick and what I was looking for in a new employer.

"Sitka’s values of integrity, commitment and excellence are a true reflection on how they work; they kept in touch with me throughout the process and seemed genuinely interested in finding me the right position. 

"When decision time came to leave a job I’d loved for many years, I was just encouraged to do what was best for me and only go for the role if I was sure I wanted it."