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Sitka Recruitment syncs up with HR Dept Cardiff

12 July 2018

Sitka is delighted to have teamed up with the HR Dept Cardiff to provide an even more comprehensive leadership and management recruitment offering.

Like Sitka, the HR Dept provides businesses with essential and cost-efficient outsourced services and is a great option for businesses who require overflow or third-party support or those without a dedicated in-house HR function.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with the HR Dept Cardiff,” says Karen, co-founder of Sitka. “An essential prerequisite for any good partnership is strong shared values and the HR Dept’s are a mirror of our own: integrity, commitment and excellence all the way.”   

Caryl Thomas from HR Dept, Cardiff says: “We are very excited about our collaboration with Sitka Recruitment. We both share a passion for honesty, professionalism and excellent client service, which are vital elements in developing long-standing employee relationships. Together, we are able to offer our clients a much more enhanced and complete HR & recruitment service.”

Recruitment and HR are mutually responsible for easing the transition between the candidate experience and the employee experience, which can have a big impact on employee engagement and retention.

“After a thorough recruitment process, we understand candidates very well – what motivates them, what their expectations are and so on, so we work closely with HR to ensure a good onboarding,” explains Karen. “But if businesses don’t have a strong onboarding process or talent development programme to nurture those candidates once they become employees, they risk losing the very talent they’ve worked so hard to attract. Being able to offer outsourced HR services to support these businesses is essential.”

Caryl agrees: “By ensuring you have the right processes in place to support and develop employees, you will dramatically lower the risk of encountering costly staffing difficulties. As the first link between employee and employer, the recruiter has a pivotal role to play in helping shape these processes.”

It’s for precisely this reason that Sitka maintains contact with successfully-placed candidates long after they’ve been placed. Karen explains: “Providing some continuity through the relationship we’ve built is really important to keep employees and employers happy. Candidates turned employees will frequently open up to us, and this enables us to provide more valuable strategic direction to HR.”

The collaboration will be of most benefit to South Wales businesses experiencing challenges with recruiting and managing staff as a result of limited in-house resource, or those looking for impartial recruitment or HR partner. To find out more, see HR services.